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As you might have gathered by now, we don’t know a whole lot about organising a kick-ass webby conference. Luckily, we know people who know people who do.

Social By SocialOne such is David Wilcox who knows all about social reporting – which is something to do with bottom-up videoing, interviewing, blogging and tweeting before, during and after the event. David knows his stuff and, together with colleague Amy Sample Ward, contributed to the team that brought you Social By Social.

David and Amy have very generously agreed to donate some time (it’s a gift economy remember?) to co-ordinating a team of social reporters before and at the conference. Are we pleased and incredibly grateful? Yes we are.

Who are these social reporters? Well, I might be one. You might be one too. The core competencies are curiosity and an ability to ask a good question and listen to the answer. You might even have a phone that can video, or a Flip camera or similar gizmo that you could bring along. It’s not vital.

David and Amy will get in touch with you if you want to have a go at this, organise who’s doing what on the day, upload stuff to the event blog, and be full of practical advice and guidance. If you want us to put you in touch, let us know.


2 Responses

  1. For a sample of what social reporting can bring to an event; before, during and after it, then follow the #TAL09 hashtag on Twitter. This covers those who wrote about the Talk About Local ‘Un-Conference’ event held in Stoke on Saturday 3rd October 2009.

    It really helped to create a buzz about the event and I’m sure will do the same for the Nov 26th event.

  2. […] be at the conference and my gift is some social reporting!  Along with my Social by Social colleague David Wilcox, we’ll be helping coordinate a team […]

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