Improving what is and building what isn’t (yet…

So, 829 sticky notes later we *may* have come up with a nice framework for the day. As we’ve sifted through all your offers for sessions and discussions, one distinction started to emerge: some people are focused on improving what already is, while others want to build something new from scratch. This is helping us see how we might put streams of sessions together. With all the great sponsorship (thank you!), we think we can run 5 or 6 streams of sessions in parallel, and allow you to move between streams (if you want) after each 45 minute session. Other themes are emerging too: in the “improving what is” branch, key themes seem to be around democracy, localism, and service design. In the “building something new” branch, the issues are values, support and experience. We’ll put a draft kind of plan on the blog in the next day or two, and we’d be glad to hear what you think.


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