Closing plenary- Dan Mcquillan- tapping into passion, energy and being human.

We were lucky enough to have Dan Mcquillan wrapping up and reflecting on myPublicServices09. A fantastic talk about the questions that we should be asking and how to use the enthusiasm and drive that were so clear throughout all sessions to tackle the real problems faced. Here he is being interviewed by David Wilcox about “power, participation & recuperation.”

We also have the live blog saved with content collected from the closing plenary sessions, including Paul Hodgkin asking to ‘make a promise to yourself’ and James Munro’s wrap up.

A fantastic and inspirational close to a great day.

Links to photos will follow, as well as those all important postcards!


“The scope for doing things better and cheaper is huge.”

Some honest and though provoking ideas from Lee Bryant from Headshift, who talks to David Wilcox about taking the terrific opportunity to change the way that public services are developed.

Also, an interesting blog from Ray Duffill who wrote as a ‘virtual attendee’ demonstrating how the social media enabled the message of the day to be accessed through the web. A great example of utilising the tools available to include everyone.

Blog links- peoples views on myPublicServices

We’ve been really pleased with the coverage of myPublicServices online, so we thought we’d put up links to some of the blog posts that have been written about the day. It’s fantastic that so many of the sessions were covered, and so many people have shared how they felt about the day. Thanks to you all – we did it together!

Amy Sample Ward on Communities, Gift Economies and SICamp

Amy Riley on Digital Media

Harry Metcalfe from Dextrous Web (a kind sponsor) highlights

Some great insights from (my)police

and Amplified’s take on the sessions on Mental Health, putting the informal and formal together and the NHS making the most of the web

Will update the blog with more as we discover them!

Tweets throughout the day from #mps09

Huge, massive thank you to the marvellous Amplified team for documenting all tweets for #mps09 – and thank you to those who tweeted, providing an insightful and detailed way to look back on the day and to enable the message to travel from all sessions.

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Blogs, wrap ups and pictures of the day to follow!