Closing plenary- Dan Mcquillan- tapping into passion, energy and being human.

We were lucky enough to have Dan Mcquillan wrapping up and reflecting on myPublicServices09. A fantastic talk about the questions that we should be asking and how to use the enthusiasm and drive that were so clear throughout all sessions to tackle the real problems faced. Here he is being interviewed by David Wilcox about “power, participation & recuperation.”

We also have the live blog saved with content collected from the closing plenary sessions, including Paul Hodgkin asking to ‘make a promise to yourself’ and James Munro’s wrap up.

A fantastic and inspirational close to a great day.

Links to photos will follow, as well as those all important postcards!


“The scope for doing things better and cheaper is huge.”

Some honest and though provoking ideas from Lee Bryant from Headshift, who talks to David Wilcox about taking the terrific opportunity to change the way that public services are developed.

Also, an interesting blog from Ray Duffill who wrote as a ‘virtual attendee’ demonstrating how the social media enabled the message of the day to be accessed through the web. A great example of utilising the tools available to include everyone.

myPublicServices Programme details go live!

Less than a week to go to to myPublicServices and here’s a detailed list of the sessions we have, and who’s leading them.

We’ve tweaked the programme summary slightly too. (We’ll give you the final version on the day!)

Thanks again to all those generously contributing their knowledge, time and passion – the sessions look great and, in between laminating room signs and printing out labels, we’re starting to get excited.

Updated programme for the day

Yes, it’s been a while! But here’s our new programme – hopefully pretty much final – for myPublicServices on 26 November (yikes – that’s next week!).

Lauren has worked like a hard-working thing to get everything together and into a lovely clear framework. And a big thanks for everyone who has promised a session on the day – we’re completely amazed by your generosity and the range of topics and expertise you are bringing to the day.

We’re just waiting for one or two more people (you know who you are) and we’ll be uploading the detailed session list in the next day or two, so you can work out exactly where you want to be when.

NESTA sponsors myPublicServices

We’re delighted to announce that NESTA are going to sponsor a room at myPublicServices. It’s great to have their support.
Also, an additional thank you for their kind gift of a workshop- which is going to explore new ways of delivering (and improving!) services.
We can’t wait!

First stab at the programme

We’ve taken all your great ideas and lovely offers for what you might do at myPublicServices and, with a little bit of pushing and shoving, turned them into a programme for the day. Have a look and see what you think.

Obviously it’s a little bit sketchy at this stage, but we wanted to get something out there for you to look at.

You’ll see we’ve made a few key decisions on your behalf:

  1. We thought most people would want to be active rather than passive, so most of the day is workshops and little of the day is talks from the front.
  2. We think (fingers crossed) we can get 6 parallel streams into the building. Everyone breathe in.
  3. Looking at all the offers, we felt they fell into two major themes: extending and improving the old, and building the new. We know it’s not hard and fast, but it helped us to organise things. You can move from any stream to any other whenever you want.
  4. We’ve taken a few liberties in giving people titles for sessions, and putting people together who wanted to present in similar areas. Bear with us – if you’re on the programme we’ll be in touch in the next few days to sort out the details and make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing.

The programme is sure to evolve a little (but not a lot, we hope) before the day – so give us your feedback.

Improving what is and building what isn’t (yet…

So, 829 sticky notes later we *may* have come up with a nice framework for the day. As we’ve sifted through all your offers for sessions and discussions, one distinction started to emerge: some people are focused on improving what already is, while others want to build something new from scratch. This is helping us see how we might put streams of sessions together. With all the great sponsorship (thank you!), we think we can run 5 or 6 streams of sessions in parallel, and allow you to move between streams (if you want) after each 45 minute session. Other themes are emerging too: in the “improving what is” branch, key themes seem to be around democracy, localism, and service design. In the “building something new” branch, the issues are values, support and experience. We’ll put a draft kind of plan on the blog in the next day or two, and we’d be glad to hear what you think.