Blog links- peoples views on myPublicServices

We’ve been really pleased with the coverage of myPublicServices online, so we thought we’d put up links to some of the blog posts that have been written about the day. It’s fantastic that so many of the sessions were covered, and so many people have shared how they felt about the day. Thanks to you all – we did it together!

Amy Sample Ward on Communities, Gift Economies and SICamp

Amy Riley on Digital Media

Harry Metcalfe from Dextrous Web (a kind sponsor) highlights

Some great insights from (my)police

and Amplified’s take on the sessions on Mental Health, putting the informal and formal together and the NHS making the most of the web

Will update the blog with more as we discover them!


Tweets throughout the day from #mps09

Huge, massive thank you to the marvellous Amplified team for documenting all tweets for #mps09 – and thank you to those who tweeted, providing an insightful and detailed way to look back on the day and to enable the message to travel from all sessions.

myPublicServices09 | Page 10 | Liveblog live blogging.

Blogs, wrap ups and pictures of the day to follow!

Experience matters: using stories to improve public services

Here is the myPolice team, Sarah Drummond and Lauren Currie, talking through the obstacles that have to be overcome and the opportunities ahead in giving new online ways to engage with the police service:

And here is our very own Amy Gaskin, talking about the benefits of enabling and listening to the users voice- particularly her own experiences with Patient Opinion:


Capturing keynote thoughts from myPublicServices

Here at Patient Opinion we’ve just about recovered from #mps09. So here are some thoughts from our fantastic opening keynotes. Many thanks to David Wilcox for collecting their insights on the day.

Tom Loosemore and James Munro kicked of the debate by asking: “how can we use the web to improve public services?”

Denise Stephens, founder of Enabled by Design, also spoke about how she used her experience to turn frustration into action. Here she talks through turning her idea into reality, alongside Carrie Bishop:

You can find the live plenary blog here, thanks to the Amplified team:

myPublicServices09 Opening Plenary | Liveblog live blogging.

More interviews to follow!

The day after

Well, we did it. We had a great day of conferencing (because it is a verb, or should be) yesterday at myPublicServices 09. It happened, it was amazing, everyone was wonderful, and we are completely wrecked. So we might be a little quiet for a few days.

Fortunately, there’s plenty online about what happened. With our last ounce of energy, here’s a link to a great video interview with Dan McQuillan, by David Wilcox, speaking after he wrapped up the day.

Oh, and the BBC covered the event too – nice write up.

More soon!

myPublicServices Programme details go live!

Less than a week to go to to myPublicServices and here’s a detailed list of the sessions we have, and who’s leading them.

We’ve tweaked the programme summary slightly too. (We’ll give you the final version on the day!)

Thanks again to all those generously contributing their knowledge, time and passion – the sessions look great and, in between laminating room signs and printing out labels, we’re starting to get excited.

Updated programme for the day

Yes, it’s been a while! But here’s our new programme – hopefully pretty much final – for myPublicServices on 26 November (yikes – that’s next week!).

Lauren has worked like a hard-working thing to get everything together and into a lovely clear framework. And a big thanks for everyone who has promised a session on the day – we’re completely amazed by your generosity and the range of topics and expertise you are bringing to the day.

We’re just waiting for one or two more people (you know who you are) and we’ll be uploading the detailed session list in the next day or two, so you can work out exactly where you want to be when.